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PQRS Registry Reporting
Date: 05/21/2015 Severity: Critical
Category: RegistryReports/Administration Reported By: bobbricca
Version: 10.0 Status: New


We’re a single-surgeon, single-specialty practice and ASC with Medicare as primary insurer on the majority of our patient encounters. We use eClinicalWorks, version 10.0 for our Electronic Medical Records system. We are very dissatisfied with their ongoing customer service, responsiveness and ability to solve issues that come up.

The latest issue is that they’re telling us that their software is unable to privide 2015 PQRS Registry reporting for our practice because we have one operating system with one provider NPI serving patients via two corporations with two separate TINs. eClinicalWorks is telling us that they can only extract data for one of the two TINs, not both, for our one provider.

Does anyone in this community have experience with this issue or have any suggestions.

Thank you,

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