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Patient Merge - Group Visits (PE-39006)
Date: 04/24/2018 Severity: Moderate
Category: EMR Reported By: allenkng
Version: 10e (11302016-V10SP2.5.2) Status: New


For organizations on CCMR and utilizing group visits, ‘bad’ patient records continue to display in group visits. The future group visits do not reflect the correctly merged record.

Patient 1: John Smith
Patient 2: Jon Smythe

Patient 2 is correct and Patient 1 was merged into Patient 2.

Patient 1 attends a reoccurring group visit. If you open a future date of one of the reoccurring groups, Patient 1 appears. You are able to check Patient 1 into that visit and document and lock. Once you lock the group visit, you cannot unlock it since Patient 1 does not exist.

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