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I Came to Orlando and I Got to See Micky!
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This morning’s Keynote Speaker was Micky Tripathi, the President and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), a non-profit collaboration of the state’s leading healthcare organizations. With a large investment from BCBS-MA, this organization is overseeing a project to deploy community-wide EMR in three different communities in the state. Hopefully they will extend this to four in the near future—MINE. The organization pre-approved 7 different EMR providers for the hospitals and physicians to sign with, free of charge, including NextGen, GE, Allscripts, and PMS. Even though money was no object, 90% if the practices representing 550 or so physicians chose eCW. These physicians all went live in 18 months and are actively using the EMR for roughly 95% of their encounters (Primary Care, specialists was using it for about 80% of their encounters). In North Adams, MA, specifically, the project is making good use of eCW’s eEHX product, tying all of the practices together and allowing them to share selected information.

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