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eClinicalMobile—New Product
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

eClinicalMobile is eCW on the iPhone. That’s it. And that’s enough to make me go buy an iPhone. (For you Blackberry lovers, it will work on the upcoming Blackberry Storm as well, but then you won’t be able to switch between eCW and the game Cro-Mag Rally.)

You will be able to access the system anywhere AT&T has its 3G service, or via WiFi. It will not be the full EMR, and this is a good thing, since the service will use a hosted gateway and not directly access the EMR, for security purposes. But you will be able to do charge entry, view your schedule, look at patient summaries and information, review labs, telephone messages and other tasks, and communicate via telephone and web encounters.

The preliminary word is that the service will cost $50/month.

As someone that tried to use the PocketPC option back in 2003, this sounds like a superb addition!

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