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eCW Premier National Users Conference 2008
Sunday, November 02, 2008

I am happy to be at the eCW 2008 Users Conference in Orlando, FL. Flying down from the Northeast and leaving 40 degree and blustery weather makes it even nicer to be in the palm trees and tropical breezes.

I am hosting an eCWusers get together Tuesday afternoon and hope that all of you eCWusers attendees will drop in. It will be great to put a few names with faces. I am also hoping to blog a little from the conference. Update everyone on the new features and announcements. I heard a sneak preview tonight of an exciting new feature that I cannot wait to announce here (once it becomes official).

The first thing to report is that the conference is huge! There are 1,200 users here, and they were turning people away that were trying to register online. We started things off tonight with a reception that was in a tent the size of football field. It was nice to see old friends and new faces.

It should also be reported that this thing is hosted at an absolutely fabulous resort. The Orlando Omni Resort at ChampionsGate. Do NOT look at this link, especially the part about the Swimming Pools if you are stuck in the Northeast and unable to make it down here.

Some faces from the opening reception:

Jen Moore and Laura Nasipak

Doctors Raj & Kavita Dharampuriya

Girish and Dr. Cunningham

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