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Pardon my note, might have a few spelling and grammatical mistakes,
it’s late and I could not get it completed earlier.


We had a late night meeting Sat night—went on till 3.00 AM, a
number of us from customer support, development, training and sales
attended. We discussed a number of topics, including the yahoo user
group topics, the next 2 releases and we also conducted a user
session to review a lot of the user feedback we have received and
orchestrated a screen by screen review of the product. We are not
done with the exercise, but a very productive session overall.

eClinicalWorks will have TWO releases in the next six months – Sept.
2004 and Dec. 2004. Also, on a monthly basis we will be installing
components that are completed for practices that had requested them

Here is a small subset that will definitely make the Sept shortlist

1) FAX receiving. Improve all aspects, including page splitting and
2) Fax outgoing: Replace the print button with print/fax button in
the product
3) Diagnosis and Medication specific alerts
4) Demographics enhancements for family based edits.
5) Additional growth charts for pre-term children and printing of
percentiles on the charts.
6) Toggle on the progress notes choices.
7) eCliniSense for prompting statistically relevant Treatment plans
for Dx.
8) Merge Templates.
9) Integration with Outlook.
10) Complete CCR support.
11) Macros: Allowing the Browse button keywords to also have long
and verbose notes.
11) Integration to Portal.
12) Another 30+ small enhancements to the existing functionality to
improve navigation and reduce clicks.
13) A few cool features to surprise the competition.

We will also add to this list based on the priority you all finalize
by end of this week.


Topic 1: Lab Review capability into the notes: We will be adding a
new optional link to the encounter to review Labs in the objective
section to the chart
Topic 2: Print entire chart: Sept with next version
Topic 3: Lab Letter: In addition to the current lab report, we will
add new tags to allow you to print letters for lab values and also
allow printing of the labs with the encounter.

Topic 4: MYSQL: eClinicalWorks will support Microsoft SQL Server or
Oracle for a client, if MYSQL does not meet your needs, however we
really do not think you will need this option. MY SQL is better and
faster and used by many large scale implementation and products.
Plus, it gives us LINUX compatibility and supports our vision of
Open systems.

Topic 5: CITRIX: Can eClinicalWorks work over CITRIX? YES. However,
our recommendation is to not use CITRIX or any terminal emulation
solution. (CITRIX is a Trademark of Citrix systems). Terminal
Services or Terminal Emulation (TS) is obsolete technology and not
the future of computing. Legacy systems (actually most of the EMR
vendors—not eClinicalWorks, pardon my sales pitch) requires TS.
These systems were not designed for wide area networks or true multi-
user access. Modern systems do not rely on terminal emulation. HTTPS
and XML is the future and not Terminal Emulation or Client/Server. A
majority of the EMR systems NEXTGEN, A4, GE, PMSI, eMDS etc are all
2-tier systems, the only exception is Greenway, it also uses the
HTTP technology. eClinicalWorks uses Java and hence is hardware and
Operating System independent, while Greenway exclusively depends on

TOPIC 6: Instant Medical History: To be release with the Sept.

TOPIC 7: Cost of customization or feature request: eClinicalWorks
will NEVER charge extra for a feature request, unless it is a
proprietary interface, with not general usage.

TOPIC 8: Can the system use another browser instead of IE? No.
eClinicalWorks needs IE6.0 on the client side

TOPIC 9: Remote access over SSL: This will be supported in Sept. 2004

TOPIC 10: FAX sorting and page split and re-arrange: Development
started and will be release in Sept.04. It will be completed by next
week, we will install upgrade in a few places to get user feedback

TOPIC 11: Fees schedule: You can have infinite Fee Schedules and be
able to set the percentage. In addition you can upload a spread
sheet fee schedule.

TOPIC 12: Electronic v/s Paper claims: Yes, it takes time to setup
the clearinghouse connectivity. However, electronic is still better
than paper. It is good practice to print paper claims if the
connectivity is still pending to minimize the backlog

TOPIC 13: Print patent chart: Coming in Sept.‘04

TOPIC 14: Ongoing training for new features: We are investigating
the logistics of conducting user group internet sessions every week.
We have also discussed the possibility for you to be able to
moderate and conduct these sessions and create powerful user
communities—any thoughts?

The outstanding item for us is to resolve the logistics for the
teleconference, web conference is not a limitation.

TOPIC 15: Update on EMRUPDATE: I will reiterate this to make sure we
set the record straight. eCW employees are not allowed to post on
EMRUPDATE. Contrary to allegations by CYATH ( sounds like a eMDS
reseller)—A recent user has been bad-mouthing eMDS publicly and
writing about his/her unpleasant experience with eMDS. This user is
not associated with our company. We will continue to take the high
road and not engage with other companies in verbal combat.




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