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It is important and mandatory to put your signature info (including your full name) in your profile so that it appears in all of your posts. I’d like to thank all the users that have been reminding those that are still lacking signatures. We will be giving reminders as we run across nameless posts. Those that do not complete their profile may find their access has been terminated. We’d hate to lose you so get busy with your signatures!

This is intended as a quick and dirty way for folks to get signature info into their posts. Obviously you can change the color and sizes to whatever you like.

I’ve stolen most of one of Mark Wolf’s posts because his instructions are much easier to follow than mine….  I’ve added a section that shows you what the “snippet” will look like once you paste it into your Signature editing field. I have added a “<” so that it doesn’t automatically just make the color/size changes in this post.

It would be great if forum software could require this step after sign-up, as many of our users are still lacking some information that would help us all. Click the Your Control Panel link up top, then click Edit Signature

Copy and paste this snipet of code, :

[color=blue]Your Name Here[/color]
=1] What you do in your practiceYour Practice Name Here   
X Doc
Y PA and/or Z NP  
Insert Type of Practice 
or Specialty here
Live since XX
/XX Version X.X.XX
Your Clearinghouse
and other goodies here[/size]
[i]You can also add words 
or wisdom or an amusing quote here.In factI hope you do.[/i] 

and edit it to include your details. You don’t need to include things that aren’t relevant to your practice. Ex. If you only have 2 docs you skip the PA and NP count.

Don’t forget to delete the “I really need to edit my signature…...”
Then you will get this…. 

Mark Wolf
Practice Manager - Maxwell Medical
1 Doc, 1 PA and 1 NP
Family Practice
Live since 09/07 Version (as of 2/11/2009)
Clearinghouse: Emdeon
LabCorp and Quest Bi-directional


Deb Banyai
former Practice Manager, Petoskey Urgent Care