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Telephone encounter not saving data
Date: 02/27/2012 Severity: Critical
Category: EMR Reported By: Aman
Version: 9.0.32 Status: New


while creating Telephone Encounter for a prescription refill, when we select rx on rx tab and assign it to other user, it does not save data.  other person gets it blank but if we try to print rx or eRx, it shows there but not in rx tab.  Per ECW support it is a bug but we are at the lastest version of ecw and it is a very critical bug if it is a bug which is hard to believe. They have no timeline to solve this and nobody is giving any solution.  this is at least very critical for our practice.

If this is the same error I recieved, they gave me a work around. Can you see the meds from the Hub, Rx tab (they may be repeated if you tried to add several times since you could not see)? If so, their answer was to go to where the original Rx was written, maybe several encounters back, and find the diagnosis. If you return to the TE and open the virtual visit and add the same diagnosis, the Rx will then show up. It is very time consuming to do, but at least you can then see the correct information. Hope this helps.
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