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Immunization Interface Sends Immunizations Marked as NA
Date: 09/02/2016 Severity: Severe
Category: Interfaces Reported By: seh0041
Version: V 10 (4182015-80 SP1C-5) Status: New


We have a patient who came in for a well-child visit, but was sick enough to not receive immunizations that were due. We have to document that we offered them, but that they were not taken due to illness for any audits we have. Our nurse marked the immunizations “NA, Not Administered” - yet, they still transmitted to our state’s registry as administered vaccines! So when the patient came back and received the vaccines the next week, it now looks like he/she received the same vaccines within 1 week, all by our clinic. The eCW techs tell me that it’s impossible, but there is a batch log # associated with the vaccines. The eCW tech assisting on this case states that they were not successfully sent on eCW’s end, but in the Dashboard, the shots from that day are marked as “successfully sent.” So far eCW has not pulled a report of any patients with “NA” vaccines that successfully sent to the registry for me, so I’m there aren’t more like this.

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