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Bug ID 10072 - Medical History Section
Date: 05/10/2013 Severity: Severe
Category: EMR Reported By: sfroehle
Version: 9.0.39 (no resolution planned for 9.0.44) Status: New


1. User enters information into medical history section via patient Hub.
2. Appointment is scheduled for the patient
3. Information entered via hub will not automatically populate in the progress note, however will display in the right chart panel.
4. If any user opens the medical history section or allergies section (window is shared).  The medical history section is blank and any information entered in the past (either from the hub or prior notes) will be deleted when window is closed.

Therefore if a user doesn’t happen to look at the medical history section in the right panel before clicking on medical history or allergies section, then they will never know that anything was deleted, or what was deleted.

No planned resolution for this to date.

Just attended a V10 recertification class. Tested this worflow. NOT FIXED! I'm very dissapointed.
Posted by sfroehle  on  01/28  at  07:35 PM
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