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active progress note disappears and is replaced with the word “NULL”
Date: 07/30/2012 Severity: Mild
Category: EMR Reported By: ffpc1
Version: 9.0 SaaS platform Status: New


Using wifi-enabled ipad in an RPD session remoting in to eCW terminal server - running itap.  Every so often in the middle of a progress note, the progress note template and all data entered disappears and the word “null” appears in the blank progress note.  So far eCW can’t explain and my SAM tells me “we don’t support the ipad”  Has any else had this problem?

Yes, I can confirm we were having the same issue. It resolved in late August, and appears that it may have been related to the fact that different users were logging onto different ecw RDP servers. When we switched everyone to the same server for the RDP sessions, it has not recurred. You may want to check which server your RDP users are logging on to at ecw.
Posted by ffpc1  on  11/29  at  12:26 AM
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